DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Non Metallic Pumps, Series P, Type TP/TPL

DEPA® DH-TP and TPL pumps are made of PTFE and PTFE electro conductive housing material respectively. With the updated and optimized design, the pumps distinguish themselves through their simple, robust and rugged construction.

Features And Benefits

  • The DEPA® PTFE pumps provide for fewer leakage paths through the implementation of integrated valve seats, manifolds with integrated flange connection, “block-mounted” pump chambers and air chambers and the rib design of DEPA® diaphragms.
  • Improved valve ball guidance increases dry suction lift by up to 50%* versus previous designs.
  • Maintenance downtime is reduced by up to 60% and the pump weight is up to 58% lighter compared to our competitors.

*According to internal testing

Technical Details


  • Housing Material PTFE or PTFE electro conductive
  • Design Bolted
  • Center Block PP or PP electro conductive
  • Air chamber Integrated in center block


  • ½” (DH15), 1” (DH25), 1 ½” (DH40), 2″ (DH50)


DEPA® DH-TP/ TPL pumps guarantee a gentle pumping of low and high viscous products and shear-sensitive products. The main applications for DEPA® DH-TP/ TPL pumps can be found in the chemical industry (especially for aggressive, caustic and acidic fluids). The electro conductive pump (TPL) is suitable for the usage in explosion endangered gas & dust areas.


  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Eurasian Conformity

ATEX compliant in accordance with directive 2014/34 EU:

  • II 2GD Ex h IIB T6…T4 GbDb
  • II 2GD Ex h IIC T6…T4 GbDb
  • I M2 Ex h IIB T6…T4 Mb