ROTOmax by RESISTOFLEX ® (Formerly known as RESISTOFLEX® Large Diameter Pipe) stands at the forefront of roto-lining solutions, boasting a comprehensive array of lined pipe, fittings, tanks, vessels, and intricate shapes. With its liners crafted from ETFE, PP, and HDPE, ROTOmax seamlessly integrates corrosion resistance into metallic piping systems. Its cutting-edge technology not only ensures unparalleled protection against corrosive elements but also guarantees durability and reliability in diverse industrial applications. From chemical processing to wastewater treatment, ROTOmax epitomizes excellence, offering a solution that exceeds expectations and sets the standard for corrosion mitigation in piping infrastructure globally.


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We offer technical expertise and advice because we understand that specialized products require customized expert support. We also offer training programs on-demand.


Safety is our priority. When working with corrosive or abrasive media in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil & gas, power and biopharma industries, our products meet high safety standards and are therefore used and accepted in these industries, worldwide.


Quality is always at the core of our business. Our products are subjected to thorough measurements and quality checks throughout the production process. Each finished product is carefully inspected and tested in a final check. With our quality checks and programs in place, we can assure a consistent quality.


ROTOmax by RESISTOFLEX ®   (Formerly known as RESISTOFLEX® Large Diameter Pipe) is the world’s leading roto-lining solution, integrating ETFE, PP, and HDPE liners into a comprehensive range of pipe, fittings, tanks, vessels, and complex shapes, offering unmatched corrosion resistance and durability in various industrial applications.