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CRANE ChemPharma & Energy designs and manufactures highly engineered products: check valves, sleeved plug valves, lined valves, process ball valves, high performance butterfly valves, bellows sealed globe valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, multi / quarter-turn valves, actuation, sight glasses, lined pipe, fittings and hoses, and air operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps.

Brands You Trust

  • For more than 70 years, Aloyco® has been a world leader in the supply of corrosion-resistant gate, globe, swing check and ball valves for applications ranging from refining and chemical processing, to pulp and paper.

  • AVID® provides innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. Its portfolio includes position indicators, position and control monitors, and positioners for oil gas, refining, chemical, power and pharmaceutical applications.

  • For over 40 years Center Line® has been a market leader in resilient seated butterfly valves, providing customers with unmatched reliability. Typical applications include HVAC, chemical/petrochemical processing, food and beverage, power and utilities, pulp and paper. Center Line RS product line is ideal for severe abrasive and corrosive environments.

  • Compac-Noz® offers check valves with a shorter face-to-face design as an economic alternative to full-body check valves. Typical applications include gas transmission, power generation, petro-chemical / chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, and water transmission.

  • Crane® supplies bronze, cast iron and cast steel, resilient seated butterfly valves, ball valves and gate, globe and check valves for numerous industries, including refining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and chemical process.

  • CRANE® CRYOFLO™ – Solutions for production, transportation, transfer, and storage of Hydrogen, backed by decades of field experience in severe service applications.

  • CRONING LIVARNA® is known for its 400 years traditional steelmaking and casting. Throughout its development, shifts have been seen from a simple geometry of castings made of unalloyed steels into more demanding and complex product constructions using low & high-alloyed cast steel. CRONING LIVARNA® custom manufacturing capabilities include: Die Casting, Fabrication, Investment Casting, Machining, Sand Mold Casting and are ISO 9001 certified.

  • CryoWorks offers cutting-edge cryogenic solutions: Vacuum Insulated Pipe and Transfer Hose, Vent Devices, Adjustable Pressure Phase Separators, and Cryogenic Bayonets.

  • For over 50 years DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps have maintained a reputation of enabling high quality positive displacement solutions in diverse industries. Industries served include food processing, medical and pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, automotive, shipyards & construction, and water & wastewater.

  • DOPAK® is a global manufacturer of sampling systems and related accessories for liquids, gases and liquefied gases. Dopak’s closed vent samplers allow you to safely take samples of toxic, dangerous and volatile substances, without danger to your operators or the environment. We serve the chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Duo-Chek® high performance check valves have long been the standard for low-pressure drop flow reversal protection, available in cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and a variety of exotic materials. Typical applications include petroleum refining, oil and gas production, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, steel/primary metals, marine, water and wastewater, and pulp and paper.

  • ELRO® mobile and stationary peristaltic pumps are considered indispensable solutions in the positive displacement pump market and are available in the widest material selection of any manufacturer. Typical applications include chemical, building, environmental and power industries.

  • FLOWSEAL® is a leading brand of soft seated, metal seated and fire-safe high performance butterfly valves for industries like power, oil & gas, hydrocarbon processing and critical process applications.

  • GO REGULATOR® ’s and Valves are designed to facilitate a diverse range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids.

  • HOKE® valves and tube fittings are recognized as the best in class for reliability and global distribution. In the early 1960’s, HOKE introduced the GYROLOK® tube fitting with a design that offers innovative advantages and benefits that are unmatched in the industry.

  • Jenkins® supplies bronze, cast iron and cast steel, resilient seated butterfly valves, ball valves and gate, globe and check valves to the North American Marketplace. Typical applications include HVAC, chemical/petrochemical processing, food and beverage, power and utilities, and pulp and paper.

  • Krombach® is best known for its unique ability to manufacture large quarter turn valves, including fabricated butterfly valves up to 136”, triple offset valves, metal-seated ball valves, and check valves. Typical applications include severe-service conditions in corrosive, abrasive, high temperature, gases, chemical, mining, and pharmaceutical processes, among others.

  • Noz-Chek® high performance, non-slam check valves are specifically designed for fast reversing systems where backflow is a constant concern.  Typical applications include gas transmission, power generation, petro-chemical / chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, and water transmission.

  • Pacific Valves® manufactures and sells bolted bonnet, pressure seal and HF acid gate, globe and check valves, as well as wedgeplug valves for pressure steam applications associated with power generation and refining.

  • Having invented the PTFE lined hose technology in 1953, Resistoflex® has grown to be the largest plastic-lined piping products supplier in the world. Today, it offers plastic-lined pipe, fittings, complex shapes, vessels, tanks and hoses in HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PP (propylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Resistoflex® offers solutions for resolving permeation issues in severe service applications. Resistoflex® corrosion-resistant plastic lined pipe, fittings, and TEFLON® chemical hoses are used in corrosive fluid services as an economical alternative to expensive alloys.

  • ResistoPure™ is a brand of products offered by Resistoflex® for the biotech, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and cosmetics industries. It offers a comprehensive line of silicone, Teflon® convoluted, and smooth bore hoses specifically for the sanitary and aseptic markets.

  • The REVO® brand is the standard for excellence and performance in actuator technology and is widely recognized in the process industries as a leader in quality and innovation.

  • ROTOmax by RESISTOFLEX ® (Formerly known as RESISTOFLEX® Large Diameter Pipe) stands at the forefront of roto-lining solutions, boasting a comprehensive array of lined pipe, fittings, tanks, vessels, and intricate shapes. With its liners crafted from ETFE, PP, and HDPE, ROTOmax seamlessly integrates corrosion resistance into metallic piping systems. Its cutting-edge technology not only ensures unparalleled protection against corrosive elements but also guarantees durability and reliability in diverse industrial applications. From chemical processing to wastewater treatment, ROTOmax epitomizes excellence, offering a solution that exceeds expectations and sets the standard for corrosion mitigation in piping infrastructure globally.

  • SAUNDERS®HC4 is a leading global supplier of aseptic diaphragm valve flow solutions to the Life Science industries. A comprehensive platform of innovative forged and machined block solutions, unique in-house polymer competence and class leading automation and sensing technologies enable our customers to handle critical process applications with maximum security and efficiency.

  • SAUNDERS®IDV- Since P K Saunders invented the original diaphragm valve in 1928, Saunders® has led the way in providing class-leading fluid handling solutions to a diverse range of critical industries. Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve range encompasses a complete line of manual and linear actuated diaphragm valves, both weir and straight through styles, playing a vital role in flow control applications in many diverse industries including Chemical, Mining and Water Treatment.

  • Stockham® provides a wide variety of bronze, cast iron gate, globe, angle, check, ball and butterfly valves, as well as cast steel ball and butterfly valves. Stockham® valves are specified for service in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, pulp and paper mills, and in commercial and industrial construction projects.

  • TEXAS SAMPLING® is focused on the application, design, support and supply of custom-engineered grab sample systems in industrial environments.

  • Westlock is a global market leader in innovative and emerging technologies in the valve position monitoring, digital control & monitoring and smart positioning serving the global oil & gas, chemical, petro-chemical and general industry markets.

  • Founded in 1978, WTA® designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality bellows sealed globe valves, chlorine valves, changeover valves, relief valves and special valves designed to meet the stringent specifications required by the global chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Established in 1956, XOMOX® offers the broadest range of process valves and actuators in the industry, including quarter-turn sleeved plug valves, ball valves, high performance butterfly valves and lined plug and ball valves. Xomox® products are intended for corrosive and toxic chemical processing applications and feature superior fugitive emissions control.

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