WTA® Automated Valves with Flushed Bellows Type 11.3 & 11.35

WTA® Actuated Bellows Sealed Globe Valves provide the highest fugitive emission protection for use in chemical processing, including Phosgene and Fertilizer applications.

Features And Benefits

  • Coupled stem with bellows anti-torque device and position indicator
  • Full size safety gland packing made of pure graphite; can also be supplied in PTFE on request
  • Metal back seat with stroke limiter in open position and bellows anti-vibration device
  • Multiple wall, fully flushed stainless steel bellows, secured against torsion, designed for 10.000 cycles; fully welded
  • Stainless steel camprofiled bonnet gasket coated by pure graphite, mounted in tongue and grooved bonnet flanges

Technical Details


  • Carbon steel 1.0619/WCB
  • Stainless steel 1.4408/CF8M
  • Low temperature carbon steel 1.6220/LCB/LCC
  • Other materials are available upon special request


  • DN 15-400 / NPS 1/2”-16”
  • Other sizes are available upon request


  • PN 16-160 / Class 150-900
  • Other sizes are available upon request


  • Straight type, Y-type or corner-type valve


  • Pneumatic or electric actuated
  • Soft sealing and regulating piston
  • Welded bonnet
  • Heating jacket
  • Other options are available upon request


For various media with inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic or aggressive characteristics, whose emission into the atmosphere must be prevented


  • Permissible working pressure acc. EN 1092 part 1 and ASME B16.34-2009
  • Inspection and testing per EN 12266 and API 598
  • Design in accordance with TA-Luft
  • Face-to-face dimension acc. EN 558-1, EN 12982 and ASME B16.10
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