Product picture for NOZ-CHEK® High Performance Nozzle-Type Non-Slam Check Valves

NOZ-CHEK® High Performance Nozzle-Type Non-Slam Check Valves

Noz-Chek® valves are specifically designed for fast-reversing systems where backflow is a constant concern.

Features And Benefits

  • Minimizes the damaging effects of water hammer in fluid systems.
  • Removal of chatter associated with conventional valves in reciprocating compressor service.
  • Protects rotating equipment from damage due to flow reversal.
  • Minimizes pressure loss in piping systems.
  • Spring tested to over 25 million cycles.
  • Engineered product which can me optimised to suit system flow conditions.

Technical Details


  • Few moving parts — Ensuring valve longevity and proven reliability.
  • Axial Flow – Disc and seating configuration give streamlined flow path with venturi effect, resulting in minimal pressure drop.
  • Short stroke of spring-assisted disc — Inlet flow velocity moves disc axially with short stroke. In response to flow velocity reduction, a compressed spring initiates valve closure and provides quick response.
  • Spring options — Choice of spring affects critical velocity and valve response. Selection is made on engineering evaluation of specific applications. In absence of this data, a standard spring will be provided.
  • Anti-rotation device – Secures disc assembly and eliminates the risk of disc rotation


  • 2″– 84″ / DN15-450


  • Class 150 – 4500
  • API 6A Class 2000 – 15,000


Gas Transmission

  • Compressor Suction/Discharge/Bypass

Power Generation

  • Feedwater
  • Cooling water
  • Blowdown
  • Steam

Petrochemical / Chemical Processing

  • PDH
  • Extreme Units
  • Propylene Units
  • Ethylene

Hydrocarbon Processing

  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Hydrotreating

Water Transmission

  • Pipeline
  • Pump Compressor Station
  • Desalination (SWRO)

Renewable Energy

  • Solar
  • Wave Energy




  • API 598 Valve Pressure Testing and Inspection
  • ASME B16.34 Pressure/Temperature Ratings
  • BS 6364
  • API 6D Pipeline Valves
  • API 6A Production Valves
  • API 6FD