Exciting News from Crane Resistoflex!

Re-Brand! Resistoflex Large Diameter is now ROTOmax™

As the global leader in plastic lined pipe products, we’re thrilled to announce the re-branding of ROTOmax™ – our revolutionary roto-lining product. Having pioneered roto-lining in the USA over 35 years ago, Resistoflex has been a major player for a long time. However, in 2019, we made a significant capital investment to expand our size range and material offerings. This expansion allowed us to offer ETFE, PP, and HDPE lining of complex shapes, vessels, and large diameter pipes & fittings. We can line a product portfolio as diverse as the end users and applications that our product services.

Formerly known as Resistoflex® Large Diameter Pipe, we’ve come up with the new name, ROTOmax™ , to better reflect the essence of the product. The prefix “ROTO,” derived from Rotational, speaks to the lining process, where a plastic coating is applied to all interior surfaces. This internal coating protects against corrosion and abrasion while providing secondary benefits such as preventing contaminant build-up.

The suffix, “Max,” is short for Maximum. While we’ve traditionally been focused on pipe and fittings of 12″ and below, ROTOmax™ now extends its capabilities to lined metallic structures up to 72″ in diameter and 20 feet in length. Moreover, it can seamlessly coat tanks/vessels with widths reaching up to 161″. Finally, due to our process, we can offer lining of complex shapes such as pieces that have undergone “flange reduction” – where we combine pieces of a system into 1 piece!

As the global leader in plastic lined pipe products since 1956, @Crane Resistoflex proudly re-introduces ROTOmax™, our roto-lining product line. We look forward to helping end users solve their toughest corrosion problems, regardless of the application.

Feel free to reach out to askpipedoctor@cranecpe.com with questions or inquiries and do check out the ROTOmax™ teaser video!