WTA® Stop-Check Valve Type 19.1

Spring loaded WTA® Stop-Check Valve Type 19.1 protect systems from reflow; adjustable back flow prevention with shut-off.

Features And Benefits

  • The stop-check valve combines the functional characteristics of a check valve with those of a bellows sealed globe valve.
  • Only one valve is needed in a section where previously two valves had to be used.
  • If the valve stem is in the open position (hand wheel in upper position), the valve works like a conventional check valve; the medium can move in the flow direction; the plug closes in the event of backflow.
  • The spring loaded plug holds the valve in closed position so that the valve can be mounted in any position.
  • If the valve stem is in closed position (hand wheel in lower position), the valve works like a conventional stop valve; the plug remains closed with flow from any direction.

Technical Details


  • Carbon Steel 1.0619 / WCB
  • Stainless Steel 1.4408 / CF8M
  • Low Temperature Carbon Steel 1.6220 / LCB / LCC
  • Special Materials


  • Straight type
  • Y-type or corner-type with flanges or buttweld ends


For various media with inflammable, explosive, volatile or aggressive characteristics, whose emission into the atmosphere must be prevented.


  • Permissible working pressure acc. EN 1092 part 1
  • Face-to-face dimension acc. EN 558-1, EN 12982
  • Inspection and testing acc. EN 12266
  • Design in accordance with TA-Luft