SAUNDERS® Standard Machined Block

Saunders® range of standard machined block bodies incorporate Zero Deadleg T pattern and U Bend (Point of Use) body variations to provide high integrity branch or sample points from high purity water loops. The design optimises drainability , eliminates dead-leg or hold up volume and is available with additional back sample weirs to comply with customer specification.

Features And Benefits

  • Machined Block construction, free from internal fabrication welds to enhance structural integrity
  • Zero Deadleg design ensures optimum drainability of main line
  • Compact size envelope reduces internal wetted area
  • Flexibility of design allows easy incorporation of integral purge/sample valves

Technical Details


  • Zero deadleg range of solutions for sampling and take off from high purity water systems and to enhance the integrity and security of critical systems
  • A class leading platform of T and Point of use designs and also offer integral sampling options on upstream or downstream side


  • Standard 316L ASTM A-479
  • DIN 1.4435, AL6XN, Hastelloy and other materials available on request


  • Main Line: DN8 (0.25″) – DN150 (6.00″)
  • Branch/User Point: DN8 (0.25″) – DN100 (4.00″)


  • Custom designs available to address unique piping challenges