SAUNDERS® eXtreme Elastomer Diaphragm Range

The Saunders® eXtreme eslastomer diaphragm is an intricate deisgn and not a simple moulded part. Layers of proprietary blended and calendared (rolled into sheet form)rubber is vulcanized with high strength woven reinforcement.

Features And Benefits

  • Diaphragms constructed with multiple layers of rubber and fabric reinforcement for optimised flex performance, even in high-cycle applications
  • Sealing ribs on the diaphragms wetted face provide enhanced leak tight sealing capabilities and lower closure torques
  • Proprietary formulations, solely manufactured in-house, deliver the necessary physical properties to provide excellent abraison and corrosion resistance

Technical Details


  • XE and XB A Type: DN008 – DN350
  • XC A Type: DN015 – DN350
  • XF A Type: DN65
  • KB Type: DN015- DN350


Saunders® Xb IIR

  • Brine, Caustic, Lime , Process Water, Instrument Air, Gypsum

Saunders® Xe EPDM

  • Dilute Acids & Alkalis, Drinking Water

Saunders® Xc Chemical

  • Strong Acids

Saunders® Xf Fire

  • Fire Fighting Systems


  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)