SAUNDERS® 2-Way Body

Saunders® 2-way valve body is the basic building block of diaphragm valve technology providing cavity free bi-directional flow and optimum drainability.

Features And Benefits

  • Readily incorporated into valve cluster and access valve fabrications
  • Materials of construction and surface finish compatible with industry standards system requirements
  • Full traceability to EN 10204 3.1 and ASME BPE

Forged body features

  • Hash marks to indicate self drain angle
  • Integral weld and hygienic clamp ends
  • Controlled sulfur, 0.005% – 0.017 per ASME BPE Standard

Technical Details


  • Standard 2-Way valve body is the basic building block of diaphragm valve technology
  • Bi-directional flowpath and optimum drainability in both horizontal and vertical orientation


  • Stainless Steel dual certified to 316L (ASTM A-182) and DIN 1.4435 and compliant to ASME BPE Controlled Sulphur (0.005-0.017% max). Ferrite < 0.5%
  • Alternative materials available on request – Hastelloy, Titanium, 904L and AL6 XN


  • Pure Performance (Bio-Seal) Forged Body: DN8 (0.25″) – DN15 (0.50″)
  • Forged Stainless Steel 2-Way: DN15 (0.50″) – DN100 (4.00″)
  • Investment Cast Stainless Steel 2-Way Bodies: DN15 (0.50″) – DN100 (4.00″)
  • Machined Block 2-Way Valve Body: DN150 (6.00″)


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