Product picture for NOZ-CHEK® Cryogenic Valves

NOZ-CHEK® Cryogenic Valves

NOZ-CHEK® valves provide QUICK, DYNAMIC, RESPONSE TIMES and ensure low leak rates. Specifically engineered to protect critical rotating equipment in extreme environments. In addition to its proven zero fugitive emissions single piece casting design, our NOZ-CHEK® low leak rate valve portfolio is enhanced with a cryogenic rated, spring energized seal ring to enable performance at extreme temperatures, down to -196 °C / -320°F.

Features And Benefits

  • BS 6364: Our NOZ-CHEK® product line currently meets stringent standards such as ISO 28921, MSS SP-134 and Shell 77/200. Now, this product line can also be offered to meet the rigorous requirements of BS 6364 (300 CC/MIN/IN) AS STANDARD at -196°C / -320°F with tighter leak rates available to suit our customers’ needs..
  • IN-HOUSE TESTING: The low temperature and Cryogenic High Pressure gas testing is carried out on site in our STATE OF THE ART TESTING FACILITY ensuring the Crane commitment to quality. Test capability 1” to 72” and pressures of 22,500 PSI.
  • BACKFLOW PROTECTION FOR CRYOGENIC COMPRESSORS: Our proven engineered check valves provide QUICK, DYNAMIC, RESPONSE TIMES and ensure low leak rates that protect expensive rotating equipment from damaging
  • effects of backflow and water-hammering.
  • ZERO FUGITIVE EMISSIONS: Our NOZ-CHEK® product is composed of a single piece, solid body, which has NO BODY PENETRATIONS OR EXTERNAL LEAKPATHS ensuring the CRANE commitment to environmental responsibility!
  • PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS WITH THE SAME VALUES: Born from our dedication to our customers, our longstanding commitments to SAFETY, INNOVATION, & QUALITY continue to ensure our position as a market leader.

Technical Details


  • Double flanged
  • Butt-weld ends
  • API6D face to face
  • Manufacturer’s standard face to face
  • No Bonnet
  • Single piece body design means no flanged join between connecting body parts
  • No penetrations for retainers
  • End Flanges are Integrally Cast


  • Body / Seat / Disc : ASTM A351 Grade CF8M 316 Stainless steel
  • Spring: Inconel X750 as standard
  • Cryogenic spring energised PTFE seal


    • 1” – 48”


  • ASME B16.34 & API 6D, pressure classes 150# – 4500#; API 6A pressure classes 2000 – 15,000


Our valves can be tailored to meet the specific flow conditions of the application.


  • API 598 Valve Pressure Testing and Inspection
  • ASME B16.34 Pressure/Temperature Ratings
  • BS 6364
  • API 6D
  • ISO 28921
  • MSS SP-134