DEPA® External Air Valve

An innovative and robust DEPA® AirSave design increases the energy efficiency and service life of the pump. It delivers outstanding performance and operates at a low start-up pressure. Shorter maintenance downtime and reduced number of spare parts decreases the operating costs.

Features And Benefits

  • Innovative and robust design increases energy efficiency and service life of the pump. The DEPA® AirSave System delivers outstanding performance, operating at a low start-up pressure with virtually no leakage.
  • he economic operation of the pump provides ease of maintenance, low cost operation, reduces maintenance downtime and spare parts inventory, and increases plant capacity.
  • Available for use in a broad range of applications: in all DEPA® pumps sizes DL/DH15, 25 and 40 (Series P, Type PM, PP, PL and Series M, Type FA, SA, SS). EX approved in use with ATEX-compliant DEPA® pumps.

Technical Details


  • Compact design: Few components required and no lubricant needed
  • Polyamide housing: High mechanical strength
  • Quiet and optimized continious pump operation


  • ½” (15), 1” (25) and 1 ½” (40)


  • Depending on with the pump’s specification



  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC