Crane® FK-TrieX™

The CRANE® FK-TrieX™ is a Full bore Triple Offset Valve ideal for severe service isolation applications. It’s unique patent pending design provides bidirectional zero leakage shutoff with high Cv in the form of unobstructed flow, and cavity free design at lower overall cost. The revolutionary hybrid design includes the best features of severe service ball valves and harnesses the economy and sealing reliability of triple offset butterfly valves.

Features And Benefits


With CRANE® FK-TrieX™ severe service isolation valves, you can run safe and environmentally responsible operations, prevent high consequence incidents including fire, explosion and leakages, and eliminate risk to the health and safety of employees, assets and communities.


Media leakage through valves can impact the quality and delivery of your products. CRANE® FK-TrieX™ features repeatable, bidirectional, zero leakage shutoff and can help you achieve higher product output by reducing unplanned shutdowns from valve failures and by reducing planned valve maintenance time. When necessary, the ability to replace the modular seat and seal ensures minimal downtime.


CRANE® FK-TrieX™ enhances the long term value of your investment. Relative to existing full port isolation technologies, you can realize both upfront and long-term cost savings in the form of simpler actuators, single piece body, reduced cost of planned maintenance due to the modular seat design and minimal product wastage costs. The high Cv of CRANE® FK-TrieX™ permits reduction in line size when replacing butterfly valves and sleeved plug valves.

Technical Details


  • Standard: A216 Gr. WCB, A351 Gr. CF8M, LCC, Monel®
  • Options upon request:  Duplex, Superduplex, LCB, WC6, CF3M, 6Mo, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Alloy 20, WCC, WC9, C12, Titanium, Zirconium


  • 3” up to 24“ in a single piece cast body design


  • ASME Class 150, 300, 600


  • -76°F up to 1022°F; -60°C up to 550°C, depending on the material


  • ASME B16.10: Double Flanged Long


  • Full bore per API 6D, Zero leakage testing per API 598
  • Fugitive Emissions Control per ISO 15848-1 AH CO2 & API 641
  • Fire Safe Design per API 607
  • ASME B16.10: Double Flanged Long (ball valve)
  • Cavity-less design
  • Single packing with Pressure Tight Bearing


  • Bottom Bearing Protector
  • Gear operator with handwheel
  • Pneumatic or electric actuation with solenoid valve, limit switch, regulator, filter
  • Heating Jacket
  • Design compliant to NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103
  • High temperature Graphite packing
  • Single packing with Pressure Tight Bearing & Monitoring bore
  • Extended stem for high temperatures up to 1000 deg F
  • Bearing protector for bottom stem
  • Welded bottom cover for hazardous & toxic media
  • Oil & Grease free assembly


  • Chemical Processing

– Aromatics & Derivatives
– Chlor Alkali & Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
– Fluorinated Hydrocarbons
– Industrial Gases
– Inorganic Chemicals
– Inorganic Pigments
– Nitrogenous Fertilizers
– Olefins & Derivatives
– Organic Compounds
– Phosphatic Fertilizers
– Plastics-to-Chemical Recycling
– Specialty Chemicals
– Synthetic Polymers, Plastics & Resins
– Non Cryo LNG, Gas Processing

  • Refining
  • Terminals
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration


  • Certificate acc. to ISO 15848-1 – CRANE FK-TrieX
  • Certificate acc. to API 641 – CRANE FK-TrieX
  • Certificate SIL 3 – CRANE FK-TrieX
  • Certificate Fire Type Test acc. to DIN EN ISO 10497 – CRANE FK-TrieX
  • Certificate CRN Canada – CRANE FK-TrieX
  • Certificate – Declaration of conformity – ATEX / 2014/34/EU – CRANE FK-TrieX

Crane® FK-TrieX™

Crane® FK-TrieX™ severe service valves ensure safe & reliable operations including bidirectional zero leakage, cavity free & high Cv design at low cost of ownership.