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Since P K Saunders invented the original diaphragm valve in 1928, Saunders® has led the way in providing class—leading fluid handling solutions to a diverse range of critical industries. The Saunders® brand remains synonymous with security, reliability and trouble-free operation in meeting the challenge of corrosive and abrasive industrial applications or providing zero deadleg, intelligent sensing aseptic solutions to the Life Science industry. Simplicity in design coupled with over 88 years of cutting edge innovation has resulted in Saunders® diaphragm valve technology, handling a wider range of fluids than any other valve type. 


We manufacture our products to international standards; our range encompasses a complete line of manual and linear actuated diaphragm valves, both weir and straight through type, aseptic diaphragm valves and custom machined block solutions, non-return check valves and custom machined block solutions and non-return check valves. We also offer product selection tools for both industrial applications and the BioPharm industry.




Product Families


Saunders® is a leading global supplier of aseptic diaphragm valve flow solutions to the Life Science industries. A comprehensive platform of innovative forged and machined block solutions, unique in-house polymer competence and class leading automation and sensing technologies enable our customers to handle critical process applications with maximum security and efficiency.

Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve range encompasses a complete line of manual and linear actuated diaphragm valves, both weir and straight through styles, playing a vital role in flow control applications in many diverse industries including Chemical, Mining and Water Treatment.



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  • Conroe (US, Texas)
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