PACIFIC® Pressure Seal Swing Check Valves

Pacific® High pressure check valves for power and refining services. They are recommended for use with steam, or water, with high flow velocities. The self-aligning disc-hinge assembly and tapered seat ring allow sealing in no-flow conditions and /or in the case of flow reversal. The advantage of this design is flow is only permitted in one direction to protect major plant equipment, as well as minimizing backflow during seating of the disc.

Features And Benefits

  • Typically yields less pressure drop than other check valve types and is often used to protect pumps or similar equipment allowing flow in only one direction.
  • Internally hung disc “hinge assembly” eliminates any penetration through the body wall, eliminating potential leak paths from the pressure boundaries area.
  • Port is designed to allow the maximum opening of the disc, reducing pressure drop and providing best in class flow coefficient (Cv).

Technical Details


  • Minimize the velocity of reverse flow and therefore slamming in high pressure steam applications


  • 3″ to 24″


  • Class 900, 1500, 2500


  • Thermal & Cogeneration Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Chemical, Petrochemical & Other Industrial Processes