PACIFIC® Pressure Seal Lift Check Valves

Pacific® Pressure Seal Lift Check Valves are used to prevent backflow at higher pressure of inlet or upstream fluid to allow flow to the outlet or downstream side in power and refining services. They are recommended for use with steam, or water, with high flow velocities.Check Valves are normally designed for installation in horizontal pipe runs or in vertical lines where flow is up only.

Features And Benefits

  • Suited for moderately high velocity applications.
  • For optimum performance, however, these valves should operate with a flow range sufficient to hold the valve open fully, but not so high that it produces excessive turbulence and pressure drop.
  • Minimize the velocity of reverse flow and therefore slamming in high pressure steam applications

Technical Details


  • 2.5″ to 24″


  • Thermal & Cogeneration Power Plant
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Chemical, Petrochemical & Other Industrial Processes