KROMBACH® Vacuum Relief Valves

KROMBACH® Self operated vacuum relief valves preventing critical vacuum situation and installation damages in industrial and chemical processes. Depending on the preset vacuum the valves will also provide stable process vacuum conditions. The vacuum relief valve design enables a vacuum limitation between 1-0.05 bar with a small opening range of 0.05 bar.

Features And Benefits

KROMBACH® spring loaded self-operated vacuum relief valves are used as vacuum breakers and vaccum limiting valves in industrial and chemical applications. The valves can be regulated within a 0.05 bar limit while opening slowly due to the increase in-spring tension. Consequently in the full setting range from 1 bar to 0.05 bar the valve starts to open at any preset vacuum limit and will be fully open within a range of 0.05 bar.

Technical Details


  • Free of nonferrous metals
  • Vacuum relief valves in closed design with lateral suction nozzle
  • Setting range:
  • 1-0.5 bar
  • 1-0.05 bar
  • Soft / metal sealing:
  • Size range 3/4″ – 2″, PN 10 / PN 16
  • DN 20-100, PN 10 /16


  • Spring loaded self operated vaccum relief valves are used as vaccum breakers and vacuum limiting valves
  • Valve approved for use in the food industry


  • ISO 228/1 threaded connections, Flanged connections DIN 2501