Product picture for KROMBACH® Tank Wagon Globe Valves

KROMBACH® Tank Wagon Globe Valves

KROMBACH® Tank Wagon valves sets providing highest quality standards for safe operation of fluid handling in tank car applications such as heavy or light oil, chemicals and gaseous (LPG) applications. We manufacture complete valves sets including bottom valves, block flanges, globe or ball side valves, deaeration valves and actuation systems for manual or hydraulic operations according application or customized requirements.

Features And Benefits

Valves sets consisting of deaeration, bottom valves, check valves, side valves ( globe and ball valve design) built according latest DIN / EN standards. All set components available in several material or design options with / without heating jacket and manully or hydraulically actuated according customer specification. Certified materials and sizes in steel and stainless steel for fluid or gaseous media.

Technical Details


  • Bottom Vales DN 125 / DN 100 / DN 80 / DN 50 (mechancially, hydraulically operated, optinal with L or T type distributor )
  • Optional with heating jacket
  • Deaeration valves DN 80
  • Y type free valve (Side Globe) valves DN 80 / DN 50


Complete set of valves for Rail Tank Wagon applications with focus on heavy & light, chemical and gaseous loadings. Heating jacket options ensure also proper handling of temperature sensitive fluid handling.



  • ARD/RID 2017
  • GGVSEBM; Richtline 2017
  • DIN EN 14433:2006
  • DIN EN 14332:2006
  • DIN EN 14432:2014