KROMBACH® Pot-Design Strainers

KROMBACH® Pot-Design Strainers are desigend for industrial permanent protection of process equipment and downstream process installations. The screen surface is disgned approx 1.5 fold of the connection cross sections and allows extended operation cycles or reduced down times paired with an easy cleaning operation procedure.

Features And Benefits

  • Body in welded construction
  • Face-to-face dimensions acc. to DIN EN 558-1 series 1 , from DN 250 acc.
    to DIN EN 558-1 series 48
  • Pot design screen insert with solid screen frame made of perforated steel
    plate and inserted stainless steel
  • wire cloth, standard mesh size
  • approx. 0,96 mm in 1 .4401
  • The pot design and the high free screen area corresponds to approx. the
    1.5-fold connection cross section
  • and ensure extended operation cycles paired with easy cleaning
  • The free screen area corresponds to approx. the 1.5-fold connection cross
  • Filter is providing a cover vent plug and drain plug in the bottom of the
  • Flange connection measured and drilled acc. to DIN 2501
  • Sealing surface acc. to DIN 2526 form C
  • optional welded end options acc to DIN 3239

Technical Details


  • -20°C to 300°C


  • DN 50 to DN 300, larger sizes on request


  • PN 6 to PN 25


  • Quick acting cover, swing device and differential pressure indicator


Industrial and chemical applications, chemical processing and fluid transportation, process water applications in gaseous and liquid media in corrosive and acidic applications. The pot design ensures extended operation cycles and short down time due to an eased cleaning operation.


  • Flange dimensions acc. DIN 2501
  • Sealing surface DIN 2526 form C, others on request
  • face to face dimensions acc to DIN EN 558-1 series 1
  • welded end acc. to DIN 3239