DEPA® Test Rig

The new DEPA® Test Rig provides peace of mind while pressure testing on all DEPA® pump sizes.

Features And Benefits

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing: After maintaining a DEPA® AODD pump, the pressure test verifies leakage tightness of the pump.
  • Operator safety: The test rig ensures safe and hazard-free pressure testing by means of a robust frame design with safety window, pressure limitation valves, safety couplings and an emergency stop.
  • All DEPA® pumps: Testing can be conducted on all DEPA® pump sizes (up to size 80).

Technical Details


  • Robust frame design with pivoting safety window
  • Corrosion-free polyethylene water basin
  • Emergency stop
  • Adjustable air pressure regulator / air limitation valve
  • Water – safety coupling
  • Discharge manometer
  • Ball valves for air supply & water discharge pipe