CRANE® CRYOFLO™ Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose

CRANE® CRYOFLO™ Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose is the gold standard for cryogenics applications. It is a state-of-the-art piping system that combines high performance, flexibility, and durability. It is made of two stainless steel pipes, with the inner pipe carrying the cryogenic liquid and the outer pipe providing vacuum insulation.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduced Heat Leak: Minimize Product Loss & Ice Buildup vs standard hoses.
  • Flexible and durable: Easy to install and maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Product Availability: Stocking Standard Sizes with Same Day Shipments available.

Technical Details


  • Type: Stainless Steel Vacuum Jacketed Hose
  • Materials: 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • End Connections: Plain End, Flare Nuts, Pipe Thread, Bayonets
  • Pressure: 150 PSIG for Cryogenic Applications
  • Inner Hose Size: ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 1”, 1 ¼” , 2”


  • Covered: Armored or Braided optional
  • Temperature Control: Maintains ambient temperature on OD of Hose, and reduces boil off of the cryogenic media.
  • Safety: Minimizes opportunities for cryoburns or ice-build up to reduce potential for slips & falls
  • Static Vacuum: State of the art vacuum acquisition process
  • Flexible: Allows movement and stays flexible during fluid transfer.


  • Liquid Cylinder Filling
  • Dewars
  • Cold Plates
  • Cryo-Storage Freezers
  • Laboratories
  • Equipment Connections