With the market demanding reputably manufactured ball valves for severe service applications at cost-competitive price points with lower lead times, Krombach’s TUFSEAT Performance Series MSBV was designed to meet demanding expectations, covering a wide array of application conditions without the need to customize every valve—all while remaining configurable. To address high-cycle, high-torque automated applications and applications with erosive solids that demand superior seat leak performance these new metal seated ball valves were designed and developed with two trim options ( floating ball and trunnion designs) that meet Class V seat leak up to 500F and Class VI seat leak up to 800F, with API 641 and ISO 15848-1 FE certifications. Krombach’s TUFSEAT Performance Series Valves were designed to deliver longer service life, lower operating torques, superior fugitive emissions ratings, and Class VI standard inline leakage. Read more->