Since its inception, Crane has been an innovator in the valve space, consistently developing new products and solutions for the transfer of fluids. Understanding that innovation is more than introducing an invention, Crane has always embraced a culture of differentiation that centers around creating effective value propositions that set its products apart from its competitors. Today, Crane has amassed an awe-inspiring portfolio of valve products that spans the breadth of the industrial manufacturing space with products developed for every need.

To truly appreciate the scope of Crane’s offering today, one must first understand the multi-generation history of the valve.

While Crane’s valves date back to the mid-1800s, the first valves were actually developed during the Roman Empire as part of intricate canal systems to transfer water from rivers and fountains to ancient villages and cities, enabling better access to drinking water and improved farming. While the earliest documented valve was the plug valve, evidence shows primitive versions of what we know today as diaphragm valves which were used for controlling bath water, check valves for controlling wastewater, and even butterfly valves. Read more->