Düsseldorf, Germany (November 12, 2012) – CRANE will showcase its extensive line of highly engineered products for worldwide fluid handling applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power and refining industries at the 8th Biennial Valve World Expo and Conference (November 27-29, Düsseldorf Exhibition Center, Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 3, Booth# D39). In addition CRANE will contribute its expertise during the Valve World Conference where CRANE representative, Thorsten Beyer, will present “Minimizing Risk – A comparison between Bellows Sealed Globe Valves (BSGV) and traditional valve technologies,” on Tuesday, November 27 at 15:00 at the Conference Lounge (Hall 4). Thorsten will also be available at the booth to answer any questions.

Products on display include: WTA®, Krombach®, Xomox®, Saunders®, Resistoflex®, Duo-Chek®, Flowseal MS®, and Center Line RS®.

WTA® Bellows Sealed Globe Valve

A new addition to CRANE’s product portfolio as a result of the recent acquisition of W.T.Armatur GmbH, the WTA® Bellows Sealed Globe Valve provides the highest fugitive emission protection for use in chemical processing including Chlor-Alkali, Phosgene and Fertilizer applications. One of only four manufacturers globally, WTA® products meet the new Euro Chlor Standard, which defines demanding specifications for Bellows Sealed Globe Valves used for Chlor-Alkali applications. The valve’s design features a full safety sealing system enabled by multiple walled bellows, a sealed two-part rising stem, and its satellite coated, conical-shaped piston and seat.

Krombach® Metal Seated Ball Valve

Krombach® Metal Seated Ball Valves (MSBV) are designed for specialty chemical and mining applications. Featuring a two-piece design with a flange connection, this durable product enhances our comprehensive valve portfolio that also includes the Xomox® Soft Seated Ball Valves, among others. Krombach® MSBV’s ball and seat are machined to such precise tolerances that ball and seat lapping does not have to be performed individually for each valve – making both the ball and seat freely interchangeable (if equal in nominal size). Its trunnion mounted ball design offers a polygon stem-to-ball connection which reduces stress and ensures optimal torque transmission. An extra feature is its self-cleaning system which removes excess particles, minimizes leakage, and extends product life. Key characteristics include a fire-safe design body gasket and removable hand lever. To ensure that the Krombach® MSBV meets the considerably higher benchmark of leak protection required for Isolation service, it is typically tested for 60 minutes at 300 psig Nitrogen with a permissible leakage rate of class V.

Xomox® Lined Ball Valve (XLB)

The Xomox® Lined Ball Valve (XLB) allows users to manage corrosive chemicals through a lined solution that reduces ownership costs in a safe way. Featuring a compact, patented design, it allows for installation in space-restricted areas. This design also promotes longer life performance and lower torque, which translates into reduced actuation costs and space savings. Its innovative stem sealing system provides safety and long term fugitive emission control under extreme conditions. The XLB also features a dynamic body joint design that allows the valve to retain pressure boundary during thermal cycles. The enhanced safety provided by the XLB lies in this single-piece design featuring a second pivoting ball on the stem, which interfaces with a patented SX®-seal, allowing it to handle heavy side-load effects without releasing lateral forces into the stem packing.

Saunders® XA Diaphragm

The Saunders® XA Diaphragm offers increased erosion resistance in both corrosive and abrasive applications, including fertilizer, metals, chemical and mining. The distinctive design of this new diaphragm benefits users by providing enhanced flex life, resulting in reduced down time and improved productivity, thereby equating to a lower cost of ownership. It demonstrates a 25% improvement in elastic recovery, which results in a better sealing performance and reduced emissions, and is considered leak free in accordance with the standards MSS SP-88 and BS EN 12266- 1. The Saunders XA Industrial Diaphragm is fully compatible with all existing Saunders IDV [Industrial Diaphragm Valve] product ranges and is available for both new installations and for diaphragm replacements in existing Saunders valves.

Resistoflex® ATL PTFE Advanced Technology Liner

Featuring an outer shell protection that delivers superior permeation control up to 450° F, the Resistoflex® ATL meets the most difficult temperature and pressure cycling requirements. Its PTFE liner offers a 60% reduction in permeation rate in aggressive chemical services at elevated temperatures. Other features include a standard configuration that includes a premium paint system, vent couplings and PTFE vent extension for the ultimate in housing protection. This new product line is a cost-effective solution for handling corrosion in severe service applications.

Duo-Chek® High Performance Check Valve

Featuring an innovative dual-plate design, Duo-Chek® High Performance Check Valve employs two spring-loaded plates suspended on a central vertical hinge pin. The dual plate and flat seat design improves performance and allows for bubble-tight shutoffs and resilient seats. Its independent spring action has a maximum deflection of 140° reduced water hammer, resulting in improved valve response and extended product life.

Additionally, this product recently obtained the Shell Supplier Technical Assessment Record (STAR) level 2 rating, and is now listed in Shell’s Technically Accepted Manufacturers & Products (TAMAP) database. It is capable of operating within the extreme temperature range of +450° C to -196° C, thus can now be implemented in low and high temperature applications globally, including those in the LNG Cycle, like Liquefaction, Storage and Loading, Ocean Transport, Reception, Storage and Regasification. Other applications for which it is appropriate include: Petroleum Refining, Oil and Gas Production, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power Generation, Steel/Primary Metals, Marine, Water and Wastewater, and Pulp and Paper.

Flowseal® MS Metal Seated Triple Offset Valve

The Flowseal® MS features unique designs in the disc/shaft engagement and in the precision-machined seat and seal ring of identical eccentric shape. These features, combined with the eccentric movement, provide longer cycle life, lower operating torque, and increased temperature capability. Additionally, the torque-seated resilient metal seal ring assures consistent bi-directional zero leakage performance in accordance with standards API 598 (Soft Seat), API 6D (Soft Seat), and FCI 70-2 Class VI. Applications for which Flowseal® MS is appropriate include: Petroleum Refining, Oil and Gas Production, Chemicals, Power Generation, Steel/Primary Metals, Marine, Water and Wastewater, and Pulp and Paper.

Center Line® RS Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

With Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves only two parts of the valve come in contact with the medium. This means that neither the body nor mechanical parts such as the shaft are exposed to the corrosive environment. Center Line® RS has a replaceable cartridge seat design which consists of a reinforced back-up ring, on which the elastomer seat material is vulcanized. When mounting the valve between the pipe flanges this stable seat cannot be deformed or displaced. Center Line® RS Butterfly Valves are liquid and gas-tight in both flow directions. The disc presses with uniform compression into the elastic cartridge seat over the entire circumference of the valve. A resilient seated butterfly valve with superior design features and materials of construction to provide repeatable tight shutoff in severe abrasive and corrosive environments for a variety of applications.

Crane’s newest edition of Technical Paper No. 410 (TP-410) will also be on display at the company’s booth, and several copies will be raffled off daily for attendees. Crane’s TP-410 is a technical resource for engineers, designers and engineering students that explains the flow of fluid through valves, pipes and fittings to aid in the appropriate selection of equipment for piping systems.


About Crane
Crane Co. is a diversified global manufacturer of engineered industrial products traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CR). One of its segments, CRANE Fluid Handling, provides highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide. It is made up of several focused fluid handling businesses, including:

CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions® designs and manufactures a variety of high performance products including: sleeved plug valves, lined valves, high performance butterfly valves, bellows sealed globe valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, actuation, lined pipe, fittings and hoses, and air operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Our trusted brands DEPA®, ELRO®, KROMBACH®, RESISTOFLEX®, REVO®, SAUNDERS®, WTA®, and XOMOX® offer our customers complete and innovative fluid handling solutions designed for the most demanding, corrosive, erosive, and high purity applications within mining, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

CRANE Energy Flow Solutions® manufactures and sells a variety of valves for commercial and industrial process pipelines including: gate, globe, swing check, wafer check, nozzle check, resilient seated butterfly valves, high performance and triple offset butterfly valves, metal seated ball valves and metal seated plug valves. Our trusted brands ALOYCO®, CENTER LINE®, COMPAC-NOZ®, CRANE®, DUO-CHEK®, FLOWSEAL®, JENKINS®, KROMBACH®, NOZ-CHEK®, PACIFIC VALVES®, STOCKHAM®, TRIANGLE®, and UNI-CHEK® are widely specified and used within power generation, refining, oil & gas industries worldwide.

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