Düsseldorf, Germany (March 24, 2011) – CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions™, a leading provider of highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide, is pleased to announce its participation in the European Coatings Show 2011 (March 29-31, Nuremberg, Germany).  In addition to its DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump, CRANE ChemPharma will showcase specialized solutions from its DEPA and ELRO brands for paint and ink, chemical, and chemical processing applications.

“CRANE ChemPharma offers solutions for countless applications, including those for viscous and abrasive products in coatings and paint that are represented at the European Coatings Show, thus we are happy to present our brands here,” said Sandra Hoffmann, DEPA/ELRO global business line manager for CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions.  “This year, we have a focused theme of energy efficient and economic pumps systems, highlighting how our DEPA Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump offers related benefits of lower life cycle costs and more sustainability for the industry and the environment.”

DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

The DEPA® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is designed to meet all kinds of requirements in chemical, pharmaceutical, coatings, paint, sanitary, food and many other applied fluid applications.  Featuring cast metal, stainless steel, non-metallic and PTFE body materials, this pump provides reliability, efficiency and transfer control for liquid and sheer sensitive materials.  It can handle viscous and, abrasive products, often in aggressive conditions and the most demanding applications.  Developed as a flexible and modular design, this product covers all product ranges and pump sizes, reducing both the spare parts holding, as well as the number of individual parts used per pump. Crane is the only AOD pumps manufacturer worldwide that offers pumps for applications in potentially hazardous and explosive environments, being ATEX certified in zone 0 (Group II 1 G).

ELRO® Peristaltic Pumps

ELRO® peristaltic pumps for mobile and industrial applications have been viewed as indispensable in the positive displacement pumps market, serving industries such as the chemical, building, environmental and power industries. These pumps can transfer all kinds of abrasive, viscose and shear sensitive media and are also suitable for potentially hazardous environments. As installed or portable units, ELRO pumps provide easy operation and servicing, using one wear item only.

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