Cincinnati, OH (February 10, 2011) – CANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions™, a leading provider of highly engineered products for fluid handling solutions worldwide, is pleased to announce its participation in INTERPHEX 2011 (March 29-31, New York, NY), as well as the launch of its new Saunders® Passivation Diaphragm which will be on display at the show. Designed specifically for use during passivation of stainless steel systems in Life Science applications, this new diaphragm is a practical solution for the industry where it is common practice to replace seals and valve diaphragms after passivation.

Each Passivation Diaphragm is equipped with a high visibility, bright yellow tag that extends outside the valve assembly, indicating that the installed diaphragm is for passivation use only. This cautionary feature reminds end-users of the diaphragm’s sole purpose, thus reducing the risk that it will be left in the system after exposure to passivation chemicals and preventing possible contamination from detritus or anodic components becoming embedded in the diaphragm face.

“CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions prides itself on providing cost-effective solutions for our customers that address their needs directly, and the Passivation Diaphragm is just one example of our ability to do that.  We look forward to showcasing it at Interphex this year,” said Andrew Powell, Global Business Line Manager for CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Saunders.

In addition to the Saunders Passivation Diaphragm, Crane will also showcase products from its various trusted brands, including the ResistoPure StratusTM, the first silicone hose lined with Teflon® brand PTFE.

Teflon® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes Teflon®.

About Crane

Crane Co. is a diversified global manufacturer of engineered industrial products traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CR). One of its segments, Crane Fluid Handling, provides highly engineered products for fluid handling applications worldwide. CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions™ designs and manufactures a variety of high performance products including: sleeved plug valves, lined valves, process ball valves, high performance butterfly valves, aseptic and industrial diaphragm valves, actuation, lined pipe, fittings and hoses, and air operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Our trusted brands DEPA®, ELRO®, KROMBACH®, Resistoflex®, REVO®, Saunders®, and XOMOX® offer our customers complete and innovative fluid handling solutions designed for the most demanding corrosive, erosive, and high purity applications within the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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