Frankfurt (May 11, 2009) – CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions is pleased to present several new products the ACHEMA 2009 exhibition and conference event this year:

Among the many featured Crane technologies, many of which were already announced to be featured at the show, will be a CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions’ recent innovation – the new DEPA® E4 Compound Diaphragm – developed by our colleagues in Düsseldorf (Germany). Our Düsseldorf team is accustomed to being at the cutting edge of state-of-the-art technology, and its latest invention, the DEPA® E4 Compound Diaphragm, continues that tradition. Industry insiders welcome this innovative design as one enabling unprecedented advancements in the Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Industry – it has already earned recognition as the “New Generation Diaphragm”. A special “noppedE4” surface, which refers to a uniform sequence of small mounds radiating in a band located medially within the diaphragm, imparts a level of flexibility to the DEPA® E4 that is second to none, even when compared to standard rubber diaphragms. Available in four sizes, ranging from ½” – 2”, the diaphragm combines versatility and functionality. It is constructed as a single unit from a combination of PTFE and EDPM, coming into contact with liquid and air respectively. The outer piston, usually a separate component in standard pumps, is entirely encapsulated. DEPA® E4 offers four primary benefits for end-users: increased life span, improved safety, increased efficiency, and an ultra clean working mechanism. The increased flexibility enables greater flow rates combined with reduced air consumption, resulting in energy savings. The flexible nature of the DEPA® E4 Compound diaphragm gives it a longer life-span while by that very fact increases the length of replacement intervals (reducing replacement frequency), which generates savings in both operation and maintenance, while decreasing down-time. The diaphragm can be installed and replaced easily due to its single-unit construction.The laminated design of the new DEPA® E4 Compound Diaphragm increases its impermeability. This facilitates greater safety and an ultra-clean working mechanism, which prevents leaks/deposits and greatly limits areas for bacteria build-up. The high chemical resistance is maintained right through the entire pH range (0-14) against most media. EDPM is electrically conductive, which makes it suitable for use in ATEX-conforming pumps, and the diaphragm is approved for use in Zone One when used in conjunction with pumps made of stainless steel casting. The new DEPA® E4 Compound Diaphragm is compliant with CE markings.

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions – Resistoflex, based in Marion, North Carolina will exhibit its new and improved range of high-performing Cirrus ResistoPure HP hose for use in Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Cosmetics industries. The new hose is now equipped with a revolutionary PTFE lining (replacing the former FEP lining), which endows the new hose with a longer flex life and greater chemical resistance. Furthermore, its new construction allows for an improved bend radius with full vacuum rating at elevated temperatures. The liner itself is now thicker while the hose retains the same flexibility, yet offering greater resistance against permeation. As before, the new Cirrus HP ResistoPure hose is available in a range of sizes (ranging from ½”-2”), and comes with several fittings options. The new hose combines our proven technology and additional benefits associated with PTFE, but it will continue to be sold as “Cirrus HP ResistoPure hose” and is designed for the same applications as its prior version including Pharma Process and Utilities, Bio-Pharm Process, CIP (Clean in Place), and SIP (Steam in Place). “These enhancements reflect ChemPharma Flow Solutions – Resistoflex’s commitment to lead with technologies designed to meet or exceed critical needs of the sanitary and aseptic markets,” is how Bill Hayes, Vice President Marketing, has described its strategic direction.—CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solution’s ResistoPure™ brand is pleased to display the first silicon hose lined with Teflon® brand PTFE, STRATUS™. The new hose construction helps to minimize the risk of potential contamination in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing, utilities and cleaning applications.The hybrid hose’s natural smooth bore Teflon® brand PTFE liner is flared through a platinum-cured stainless steel wire and fabric reinforced silicone shell.  The STRATUS™ hose combines the benefits of Teflon® brand PTFE with those of silicone, including light weight and flexibility.

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions™ – XOMOX®, has started shipping its latest generation of fluoropolymer lined process butterfly valves – Xomox®XLD series with DIN/ISO mounting capability. This valve will be among other newly developed leading edge products that Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions™ will showcase at the Achema show in Frankfurt, Germany. The XLD’s one-piece seamless body liner combined with a resilient FKM body seal ring work together to provide reliable and low maintenance operation. The liner encloses the lower end of the shaft, preventing a potential leak path, thereby rendering additional external seals unnecessary. The body liner extends up the shaft bore to above the secondary seal (triple FKM O-ring). A remarkable feature of its design is the one-piece valve disc. The metal core (disc/shaft) utilizes a single-unit design lined with a non-porous fluoroplastic extending above the secondary seal. This enables the process butterfly valve to create a high integrity atmospheric seal. XOMOX incorporated yet another safety feature into the XLD butterfly valve – a proprietary device, compliant with API 608, preventing potential blow-out of the shaft.—XOMOX will also display our new Lined Ball Valve XLB for the first time at Achema. Its patented design offers multiple advantages, including:

1) An innovative stem sealing system provide safety and long term fugitive emission control under extreme conditions

2) Dynamic body joint design allows the valve to retain pressure boundary during thermal cycles

3) Lower torque translates into reduced actuation costs and space saving.

The pioneering product, Saunders Exelon XA diaphragm, developed in-house by our team of polymer scientists, introduces a new diaphragm material – a compound based on an ethylene propylene (EP) technology – designed specifically for the handling of chemically aggressive slurries.  The new diaphragm is 100% compatible with all existing IDV Saunders product ranges and is available for both new installations and for diaphragm replacements in existing Saunders valves.  Exelon XA diaphragms provide improvements in three key aspects of solids handling – enhanced flex life, resulting in reduced down time and improved productivity; 70% improvement in elastic recovery, resulting in better sealing performance and reduced emissions; and maximized rebound resilience, leading to improved erosion resistance – while maintaining the same high level of chemical resistance as previous Saunders EP and butyl based diaphragms.  Consequently, the diaphragm lasts longer in processing slurries and offers significantly improved performance for minerals and materials applications.   “We are committed to the continual development of our products to meet evolving needs of the mining industry,” explains Richard Tuck, vice president and general manager of the Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Saunders Brand.  “Our customers, many of whom have been with us since PK Saunders first developed the original industrial diaphragm valve 75 years ago, trust Saunders valves to provide exceptional performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. By developing new materials that are tailored to specific uses we can help them deliver even better performance, whatever their needs.”

Teflon® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes Teflon®.

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