Offering industry leading automation that adds intelligence to a diaphragm valve, each of the products in the SAUNDERS-VUE portfolio can quickly self-calibrate to identify open and closed valve positions without opening the enclosure, requiring only one technician and three minutes vs. an average of thirty minutes with traditional switchboxes. They have been engineered to compensate for the behavior of diaphragm valves under multiple processing conditions, including process, CIP, SIP and varying operating air supply. Specifically, the Saunders®I-VUE features a digital cycle counter that keeps track of the number of cycles completed by the valve and can be used to generate an alarm once a certain number has been reached so that preventive maintenance can be completed. It can also be used to identify the life of a diaphragm for particular applications. The Saunders®M-VUE features a contact-less operation that can be operated locally using a magnetic key or remotely over an industrial network.

To support the expanded rollout of the M-VUE, Crane recently developed an animation that walks viewers through the key features of the sensor.  VIEW ANNIMATION

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