Tank Terminal Applications


Within a tank storage farm, there are countless activities that utilize a number of fluid-handling products. The foremost activities are the transport and storage of diverse liquids, gases and/or solids for process, production or refining. In recent years the requirements regarding national and international environmental legislations have risen and lead to further applications in the scope of dewatering and waste treatment.

For these challenges Crane's DEPA Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) are well equipped with experience of almost 50 years. Our portfolio covers basic design as well as specific varieties for explosion-endangered areas or types with optimal chemical compatibility, which is omnipresent at tank-farms.


Applications include:

  •  Rain water handling (dewatering) on roof tops or beside tanks
  • Flexible in-situ fluid draining (pipe cleaning)
  • Tank cleaning
  • Transferring of stored liquids



 DEPA® Tank Terminal - Flyer (EN A4)

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