XOMOX® Triple Offset Valves (TOV)



For the harsh conditions of critical process applications, steam isolation, high cycle frequency and temperature extremes, the Xomox triple-offset, metal-seated valve offers unmatched performance, reliability and quality.


  • Size: 3" to 24" (DN 80-600)
  • Class: 150-600 (PN 10-100)
  • Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, high alloys
  • Body Types: Lug, Double Flange - Short Pattern, Double Flange - Long Pattern
  • Temperature Range: -320°F to +1000°F (-196°C to +550°C)
  • Fire Tested:    API 607 Rev. 4

Specifications and Literature
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XOMOX® Triple Offset Valves - Technical Datasheet (North America)
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