Saunders® Elastomer Diaphragms



Saunders® elastomer diaphragms consist of a range of proprietary materials specifically developed by Saunders team of in-house polymer technologists to meet the demands of Life Science applications.


Each unique compound or material is blended, calendered and vulcanised by compression moulding with front to back ownership of the complete manufacturing process to ensure security, reliability and repeatability of the final product.


All Saunders elastomer diaphragms have fabric reinforcement to provide support and optimum mechanical strength to the diaphragm.


The finished diaphragm is a one piece design and utilises a threaded engagement to the valve compressor.


Companion mechanical components such as compressor, compressor stud and weir profile are engineered to minimse stresses and support the diaphragm. Only genuine Saunders diaphragms should be used.


All material options including EPDM, EPM, Silicone, Butyl are developed through continuous innovation by Saunders in-house team of polymer technologists.


Elastomer diaphragms offer superior sealing performance against both pressure and vacuum


Optimum selection can be determined according to specific operating/sterilisation temperature, chemical characteristics of the line media and desired changeout protocol.



Features and Benefits


  • Organic peroxide cured for reduced extractables and leachables
  • Full global compliance and testing to FDA, USP Class VI and BSE/TSE
  • Full batch traceability provides maximum security, reliability and repeatable performance
  • Excellent mechanical strength and good all round resistance to Life Science process and utility applications
  • Post cured EPDM & EPM options available



Layers of proprietary blended elastomer vulcanised with high strength reinforcement to optimise mechanical strength.




Literature Documents



Specifications and Literature
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - ER Resilience EPDM Datasheet (EN A4)
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - 300 Butyl Datasheet (EN A4)
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - 425 EPM Datasheet (EN A4)
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - 500 Silicone Datasheet (EN A4)
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - EE EPDM Datasheet (EN A4)
Saunders® HC4 Elastomer Diaphragms - EF EPDM Datasheet (EN A4)
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