Pacific® Pressure Seal Forged Valves


Cast Versus Forged


At Pacific Valves, we have been creating the highest quality cast valves for over 80 years. These valves can be specified in a wide range of materials, are easily poured into optimal shapes, and are generally suitable for most applications. In recent years however the industry is demanding more from valves – they must perform in an ever increasing array of temperatures and pressures.

We are proud to introduce our new line of Forged construction pressure seal valves. It was important to us to not only develop a product line that compliments our proven cast designs, but also to be able to achieve new levels of product excellence to meet our customers needs for the foreseeable future. The culmination of this achievement is Pacific® Forged.

Pacific® Forged

Forging Process: Pacific forgings undergo a rigorous process of material transformation that provides superior quality material. Once heated, each forged ingot is compressed in each dimension multiple times, working the material and condensing the grain structure into a pattern that flows linear with the design. This highly dense, linear grain structure is the core of our valves. As a final step, all Pacific forgings are heat treated and ultra-sonic tested at the mill, to make sure our material is uniform, without defects that lead to cracks and costly repairs. Because we know that each customer is unique, Pacific-Forged Pressure Seal Valves can be ordered with a wide array of custom material requirements for hardness, elongation, reduction area, tempering and normalizing parameters, tensile strength, and yield strength properties.

Next Generation Design: Pacific-Forged valves have been designed with the toughest conditions in mind – think a lifetime of Thermal Cycling (hot, warm, and cold start), Load Changes, and Trip Scenarios. These conditions quickly expose flaws in a valve, such as material creep and fatigue damage, and dramatically limit the service life. Working with some of the most respected plant manufacturers in the industry, our valves have been design with properties that will endure the worst conditions of today, and tomorrow. With a contoured shape, and proprietary hard-face overlay processes, Pacific-Forged valves do not exhibit cracks and delamination tendencies found in many of our competitors. This means more uptime, more production, and more protection of your equipment and process system.

Delivery: Great valves are not useful if they can’t be produced in time to meet your plant production schedule. This is why we have made sure that most sizes of Pacific-Forged Valves can be produced in less than 20 weeks. By providing valves in less of a lead time than our competitors – sometimes by as much as 15 weeks or more, your project can be up and running in less time. This means our customers can submit more competitive project offers, spend less on overtime, obtain reduced liquidated damage rates, and can focus their time and attention on other priorities.

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