Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves


Design Features

No. Component
1 Shaft
2 Bushing
3 Body
4 Stem Retainer
5 Round Wire Snap Ring
6 Cartridge Seat
7 Disc
8 Lower Stem Pin
9 Lower Stem

Corrosion resistance

With Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves only two parts of the valve come in contact with the medium. This means that neither the body nor mechanical parts such as the shaft are exposed to the corrosive environment.

The only two parts in contact with the medium are the body lining and the disc. These are available in a selection of materials so that a suitable corrosion resistant combination can be chosen for most any application.

Bi-directional shutoff

Center Line® Butterfly Valves are liquid and gas-tight in both flow directions. The disc presses with uniform compression into the elastic cartridge seat over the entire circumference of the valve.

Replaceable cartridge seat

The replaceable seat consists of a reinforced back-up ring, on which the elastomer seat material is vulcanized. When mounting the valve between the pipe flanges this stable seat cannot be deformed or displaced. The cartridge design also prevents deformation when the valve is cycled, such as stretching and bulging of the elastomer in front of the moving disc.

The fixed connection between elastomer and back-up ring allows the use of the valve in full vacuum and high flow velocities. The slightly protruding sealing lip of the seat also serves as the flange seal.

Square disc/shaft connection

Eliminates the need for pins allowing axial movement and self-centering of the disc.  This eliminates excess wear and stress of the elastomer seat.

Blow-out proof shaft

All Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves feature a lock at the valve neck to prevent shaft blow-out.

Actuator mounting

All Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves feature an ISO 5211 top flange for simple mounting of hand lever, gear, pneumatic or other actuators. A conversion – even during operation – from manual to automatic actuator and reverse is possible without any difficulties.

Actuator adaptation

Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves are available for 3 closing pressures – 51 psi (3.5 bar), 145 psi (10 bar) and 232 psi (16 bar). The actuator size can be selected individually against the pipeline pressure available, so smaller actuators can be utilized when torque requirements are low.

Maintenance-free operation

The shafts of the Center Line® Series RS Butterfly Valves are mounted in self-lubricating DU® bearings eliminating the need for maintenance even after a long operating period.

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