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The Saunders® M-VUE is an intelligent valve sensor designed specifically for aseptic diaphragm valve applications in the Life Science industry. Saunders® M-VUE has been engineered to compensate for the behavior of diaphragm valves under multiple processing conditions including process, CIP, SIP and varying operating air supply. Easy to install


  • Accurate Operation using continuous sensing technology via solid state hall effect sensors, providing accuracy of 0.3 millimeters. Continuous sensing technology eliminates false alarms by detecting the exact status of the valve.
  • Self Calibration by setting the open and closed position of the valve. Using this feature, a valve position can be calibrated by one person in three minutes, either at the valve (using magnetic key) or remotely via industrial network (without the need to open the switch enclosure).
  • Lower Maintenance Costs by applying factory or user defined device settings to monitor valve cycle count and end point tolerance limits, preventing false alarms and unnecessary diaphragm replacement.









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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Saunders M-VUE?

The Saunders M-VUE is a compact, intelligent valve sensor that solves problems ordinarily afflicting valve feedback for aseptic diaphragm valves. The Saunders M-VUE has a ring of highly visible green and red LEDs to indicate valve position, supplemented by a visual indicator. The Saunders M-VUE is available with 24VDC Point to Point, AS-I and DeviceNet

What are some of the problems with conventional switches?

Previous end point switch technology has not worked reliably with diaphragm valves. One of the key issues is the ability to respond to the very short stroke length of small valves - less than 1/4" on 1/2" (<6.4mm on DN15 valves) valves, and less than 1/8" on 1/4" (<3.2mm on DN8 valves) valves. Conventional mechanical switches, potentiometers and proximity sensors in particular are not repeatable and cannot reliably detect such small travel (stroke length).

How does Saunders M-VUE solve this problem?

Saunders M-VUE uses very accurate, continuous sensing technology that can detect travel of less than 0.3mm (0.008"). With I-VUE the (precise OPEN / CLOSE) position of these very small valves can be reliably and accurately sensed and communicated.

Is there a minimum travel distance required by M-VUE?

The continuous sensing mechanism can detect travel of less than 03mm (0.012") only after it detects an initial travel distance of 3 mm (0.11"). The initial travel distance is critical for correct functioning of M-VUE. Applications that limit valve travel such as adjustable opening stops (AOS) must implement a minimum travel of at least 3mm.

Are there other problems?

Most aseptic valves are deployed in process conditions that can substantially vary in intensity and frequency of the changes. As an example, it would not be unusual to encounter a process at 40 PSI, CIP at 100 PSI, SIP at 28 PSI, followed by vacuum. Spring close actuators depend on a combination of air supply and line pressure assist to overcome the spring pressure. This means that valves may not open fully when line assist is low and conventional switches do not indicate "open." This is a very common problem, and even more so with spring-to-open valves.

How does Saunders M-VUE solve this problem?

Saunders M-VUE is set with a +/- 20% tolerance in order to compensate for variations

Are there further issues?

Yes. Most current switches require that the enclosure be opened to set the OPEN and CLOSE positions. This is time consuming and can lead to improper re-assembly or loss of seal that can result in moisture entering the enclosure, potentially causing damage to electrical or electronic components.

How does Saunders M-VUE solve this problem?

Saunders M-VUE can be set locally using a magnetic key without removing the cover. On AS-I or DeviceNet versions, the Saunders M-VUE sensor can also be set remotely form the control room.

How does the magnetic key work?

Saunders M-VUE has two magnetic "buttons": H1 and H2. The magnetic key operates both the H1 and H2 buttons regardless of the magnetic polarity of the key.
Does Saunders M-VUE carry agency approvals for hazardous areas?
The Saunders® M-VUE is suitable for use in Hazardous Areas, Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C or D / T5

How is the Saunders M-VUE calibrated?

Set up and calibration is an easy process with Saunders I-VUE with integral solenoid. The magnetic key is placed next to the H2 button, a blue LED in front of the sensor lights up, and after six seconds the actuator will stroke three times. Saunders M-VUE will calculate travel and set both OPEN and CLOSE points. M-VUE will find the optimal position on any valve size 0.25"-2.00" (DN8-DN50). The Saunders M-VUE can also be calibrated and programmed remotely from the control room when part of an AS-I or DeviceNet network.

How about setting Saunders M-VUE when a remote solenoid valve is used?

When a remote solenoid valve is used please refer to the full Installation and Maintenance Manual for a more detailed explanation

Is there more to calibrating/operating the Saunders M-VUE?

This is all that is required for basic operation of the Saunders M-VUE. The Saunders M-VUE is delivered with standard operation parameters and diagnostics pre-programmed. This includes a 20% set point tolerance in the OPEN and CLOSE positions, unexpected position change alarm, stroke out of range alarm and failed to reach desired position alarm

Is it easy to restore the factory settings?

Yes. Simple manipulation of H2 and H1 magnetic buttons is required. See the Installation and Maintenance Manual for reference

Is the Saunders M-VUE easy to learn (to operate)?

Saunders M-VUE uses a combination of very accurate position detection, smart diagnostics, easy set-up and configuration that enables end users fast commissioning and unparalleled performance. Maintenance crews do not require extensive training sessions.

How are alarms communicated?

The Saunders M-VUE used super bright LEDs to display alarms, and when part of a network, Saunders M-VUE will send alarm codes directly to the control room as well.

Why have both LEDs and physical position indication?

LEDs offer bright position indication but are useless in the event of loss of power. Physical position indication works even after power loss; this is a key feature - knowing the current valve position can help prevent safety risks when electrical systems are down.

How does the Saunders M-VUE detect valve position?

Saunders M-VUE uses advanced electromagnetic position technology to determine valve position. Five solid state Reed sensors detect a magnetic target which is fixed to the output spindle of the actuator and sends data to a high speed processor that calculates position. This technology is non-contacting and much more advanced than analog potentiometers commonly used in valve sensors. Potentiometers are contacting, are susceptible to wear and vibration, and are not as accurate or reliable as the technology used in the solid state Saunders M-VUE.

What valve sizes will the Saunders M-VUE fit and are adapters required?

Saunders M-VUE will work with valves sizes 0.25"-2.00" (DN8-DN50). Saunders M-VUE mounts directly on the Saunders S360, EX and ECX actuators.

Is the Saunders M-VUE available with an integral solenoid valve?

Yes, an integral solenoid valve is available. The solenoid has a high XX Cv, to provide reliable operation in valves up to 2.00". The use of the integral solenoid has many advantages, including: one-man calibration (either at sensor or, if part of a network, from the control panel), reduction in cabling, and lower installation costs on networking systems. Savings can be considerable, especially when factored over the life of the installation due to reduced man hours and downtime to recalibrate after first installation and after diaphragm change out.

Is it possible to activate the solenoid valve during setup or an emergency?

Yes: position any side of the magnetic key over the H1 button for 3 seconds, to active and deactivate the integral solenoid valve.

What is the construction of the Saunders M-VUE?

The Saunders M-VUE housing is made from high performance thermoplastic and is corrosion resistant and suitable for typical wash-down chemicals. The electronics are resin encapsulated (potted) to reduce risk of damage due to vibration, shock, moisture, or heat.

What is the electrical rating of the Saunders M-VUE?

The Saunders I-VUE is rated NEMA 4X, IP66, CE compliant and FM Class I Division 2

What electrical connection is used with Saunders M-VUE?

The Saunders I-VUE uses Stainless Steele Micro (M12) or Mini (7/8") 5 pin connectors depending on type of feedback utilized as standard.

What technical information is available about Saunders M-VUE?

Installation and Maintenance manual is available for the Saunders M-VUE sensor.

Can the Saunders M-VUE be used on other valves besides Saunders?

M-VUE can be fitted on different valves however an adapter plate may be needed to couple the sensor to the valve. Please consult your local sales specialist for different options.

How does pricing compare to other systems?

Saunders M-VUE is priced competitively with other switches that do not have the reliability and accuracy or the advanced features of the Saunders M-VUE. Saunders M-VUE represents true value to the installer and to the owner.

Why choose the Saunders M-VUE?

Saunders M-VUE is an ideal sensor for sanitary diaphragm valves providing accurate and reliable feedback in both P2P and networking control systems. Saunders M-VUE overcomes difficult problems found with previous sensor types for valve feedback relating to sanitary diaphragms. Its key features are: accurate sensing for small valves, accurate readings under varying process conditions and/or low or changing air supply, and the ability to set the switch without opening the enclosure. The Saunders M-VUE has a suite of built-in standard features and alarms. These advanced features can reduce risk in critical applications and increase productivity and reduce downtime.



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