Pneumatic Actuators

Air-driven actuators that can operate quarter turn or multi-turn valves and offer a complete range of output torques from 30 lb-in to 6,000,000 lb-in

CRANE® Air Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

Direct-mounted, compact actuation solutions for Center Line® valves.
REVO Actuators

CRANE® REVO® Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators

CRANE REVO rack and pinion actuators are well suited for any ball or butterfly valve

CRANE® Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

CRANE® pneumatic actuators offer a number of features to assure reliable operation including a patented three-point guiding system and high precision machining for exceptionally close tolerances.
XOMOX Actuators

XOMOX® Automation

XOMOX® automated valve packages assure single source responsibility for flow control equipment.
Revo® Quarter Turn Actuators

REVO® Quarter Turn Actuators

REVO® Quarter Turn Actuators

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