DEPA Nopped S4® Diaphragm



The DEPA Nopped S4® Diaphragm offers a range of features and benefits for air-operated pump applications including:

  • Innovative Design
  • Durability and Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Versatility

Specifications and Literature
DEPA® Nopped S4® Diaphragm - Flyer (Global)
DEPA® Nopped S4® Membran - Datenblatt (EMEA)
DEPA® Diafragma DEPA® S4 - Folleto informativo (EMEA)
DEPA® Membrane à surface perlée S4 DEPA® - Prospectus (EMEA)
DEPA® diaframma tramato S4 - Volantino (EMEA)
DEPA® Nopped S4® Membraan - Flyer (EMEA)
DEPA® Membrana DEPA Nopped S4® - Ulotka (EMEA)
DEPA® Мембрана DEPA Nopped S4® - Листовка (EMEA)

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