Industrial Diaphragm Valves


Glass-lined, rubber-lined, plastic-lined and unlined/alloy industrial diaphragm valves


Saunders® IDV Automation

When manual operation is inadequate or inconvenient, Saunders offer a variety of actuators covering valve sizes up to DN250, for different line and operating pressure options.
Saunders IDV

Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve range encompasses a complete line of manual and linear actuated diaphragm valves, both weir and straight through playing a vital role in flow control in many diverse industries including Chemical, Mining, and Water Treatment.
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Saunders® Specialist Fire Hydrant Valves

Specialist fire hydrant valve available for use with both saline and clean water.
Unlined / Alloy

Saunders® Unlined / Alloy Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Available in all designs with both screwed and flanged ends. Range of materials to suit the media.

Saunders® NX Check Valve

The Saunders® NX Check Valve offers, unidirectional full flow design, corrosion resistant linings and low pressure and vacuum duties

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