Saunders® Top Works

An international leader in the design and manufacture of valve and valve control products, CRANE ChemPharma, Saunders® has built its success on meeting the exact needs of its customers. With over a million actuated valves in operation, Saunders® has a unique understanding of process control systems and the resource and expertise needed to manage your total valve control requirements.

Saunders Actuator Accessories

Saunders® Controls

Our thoughtfully designed accessory portfolio provides you with the final elements necessary to configure an automated valve solution to precise control requirements.

Saunders® HC4 Actuation

Saunders® HC4 Actuation

Saunders® Manual Bonnets

Saunders range of ergonomic aseptic manual bonnets has been designed to provide high performance, compact envelope and material suitability for all biopharm applications.

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